Introduction to Hewitt Group

With over 100 years of combined OEM experience in the design and manufacture of Industrial and Aerospace Gas Turbines, we are globally well positioned and equipped with quality bespoke engineering support – all offered at very competitive prices. We also offer sourcing services for Gas Turbine components.

Innovative and advanced, Hewitt Group essentially focuses on being cost-effective, accessible and professional.

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Customised Designs

Bespoke Exhaust Systems & Air Inlets System Designs to Suit Varying Industrial Sites

Smart & Digitalised Components

Cutting-Edge Sensors & Smart Apps for Temperature, Pressure & Noise Measurements

Specialised Components

Repair of Combustion Lances for 13E2 & GT26 Gas Turbines


Hewitt Group’s Advanced Engineering is all about design technology and engineering services. We provide innovation, engineering and manufacturing services that deliver enhanced designs through innovation, material selection and performance improvements.

Our capabilities across Industrial and Aerospace include design, aerodynamics and thermodynamic analysis, re-engineering and bespoke low volume manufacturing projects. We firmly aim to help clients meet engineering challenges with regards to Gas Turbine operations, sustainability and efficiency through engineering design, analysis and technology sharing.

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